Open Training.


This is a creative and free-range environment that enables students to explore new ideas, run a self-guided training session and meet other circus artists in the process. 

This training time is supervised by one of our qualified coaches but they do not provide any formal coaching during this time. 

What to wear

Wear comfy, stretchy clothing that does not restrict your movement and refrain from clothing with zips.

Socks are optional but we advise classes are done barefoot to avoid slipping on mats.

Please remove all jewellery, watches and tie long hair up.



$5 per session if attending one class

$5 per week if attending two or more classes 

Free - as part of the I LOVE CIRCOBATS PACKAGE

$10 per session for non-CircoBats members. 
Open Training sessions will be invoiced at the end of each term. 


You need to book in via the portal before attending open trainings. We only require you to book in once for each class/open training session per year. Please ensure all your details are correct in the Portal.


Please be aware that just like all classes, Open Trainings incur a yearly fee of $60 for insurance with Gymnastics South Australia.

If you are only attending open training sessions and you have personal PL insurance, Gymnastics South Australia insurance is not required. Your personal insurance certificate must be emailed to circobats@circobats prior to attending. 

This Class is Available for the following Colonies 

MegaBats Open Training

(14-17 Years)

WomBats Open Training 

WomBats (18+)

Flying Foxes (18+)

Our Spaces

We have lots of space here at CircoBats and we love to share it! we just ask that you clean all equipment you use (cleaning products provided), If you move something, put it back when you are finished, and just be respectful. If there are classes happening at the same time and your not sure where is free to train, just ask one of our trainers!


The Roost

The Roost is the main training space.
This can then be divided into 4 spaces; Tumble Space - Blue & Black mats, Circus Space - Red mats, Aerial Space - Black jigsaw mats & Parkour/gymnastic Space - Blue jigsaw mats