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Enrollment Process for Existing Customers: Existing customers are to enroll for classes exclusively through the customer portal. Otherwise you will not be given priority.

Exclusive Enrollment Period: Enrollments made through the customer portal will be available from the 5th of Jan and will only be given priority until the 15th Jan when the timetable opens to the public.

Enrollment Requirement for new customers: Before attending your first free trial class, you must complete an online term enrollment.

Attendance Policy: It's crucial to attend the first session of the free trial class. If you are unable to attend, it is important to inform the relevant authority to avoid having your enrollment removed.

Enrollment Removal: Failure to attend the first session without advising may result in the removal of your enrollment.

2024 Dates:
Term 1:
29th Jan - 7th April

Term 2:
11th May - 5th July
Term 3:
22nd July - 29th Sept
Term 4: 
14th Oct - 15th Dec


Enrolments for new customers will be available via timetable below from the 15th Jan.

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