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Class Description

The word contortion can often seem intimidating... but it shouldn't be! Contortion is just a form of flexibility training for anyone looking to improve their flexibility, regardless of their level.  Learn how to achieve the splits, backbends, chest stands, leg mounts and many more flexibility skills. If you already have a basic understanding of these skills this class is also great to progress them to harder skills and build strength to achieve them safely! Contortion classes are also ideal to take alongside any of our other classes, as many of the skills can be transferred to all ground and aerial disciplines.  

This class is available for the following
CircoBats Colonies



Students are initially grouped based on age however how they will be constantly assessed on their ability and they may be offered to change class levels accordingly. This class has no prerequisites.

What to wear

Wear comfy, stretchy clothing that does not restrict your movement and refrain from clothing with zips.

Socks are optional but we advise classes are done barefoot to avoid slipping on mats.

Please remove all jewellery, watches and tie long hair up.

Max number of students

WattleBats     - 12 Bats 1 Coach

MegaBats      - 12 Bats 1 Coach

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