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What to wear

Wear comfy, stretchy clothing that does not restrict your movement.

We advise classes to be done barefoot or with dance shoes.

Please remove all jewellery and watches and tie long hair up.

Class Description

Adelaide's Premier school of Acrobatic Dance and Aerial Arts offers dance classes to compliment all aspects of Circus Arts.

Throughout Term 4 these classes will cover all genres of dance to build an all-rounded performer. 

This class is available for the following
CircoBats Colonies



Students are initially grouped based on age however how they will be constantly assessed on their ability and they may be offered to change class levels accordingly. This class has no prerequisites.

Maximum number of students

MicroBats      – 6 Bats

BlossomBats - 8 Bats

WattleBats    – 10 Bats

MegaBats     – 10 Bats

Wombats      - 10 Bats

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